Decorating Like A Boss

As I gazed around my dorm room, I see shades of white, grey, and beige. Simple, understated and completely manageable. The charcoal lamp I chose is perched perfectly on the edge of my desk, lighting the color-coordinated pencils and pens that sit in the corner. Atop my dresser sits a small collection of books and photos that remind me of home. I also chose to frame a simple line drawing that I had done in class and place it on my dresser in hopes that it would soothe me as I frantically got dressed in the morning. If someone were to come in, without knowing me or my background, I hope they would be able to accurately decode my personality through the items I keep in my room. Growing up, I was always taught that my room was a reflection of my mindset. With that in mind, I made sure that my room and the decor in it was clean and minimal so that it would not distract me or hinder my productivity in any way.  It was important for me to have a room that brought me tranquility and allowed me to have a clear mind.


Through my history class, I was able to learn that the objects you collect and surround yourself with are a physical representation of your history. Historians have been able to uncover the truth about ancient civilizations and their people just through the objects that they have left behind. Decor items like tapestries, pots, paintings, area rugs, and furniture all speak volumes about the person that has acquired them. Each item is like a puzzle piece to that person’s history and story. The story that your decor tells is important and often overlooked. One small piece can speak volumes about that person’s background, culture, political beliefs, and so much more. This concept is so intriguing and has made interior design for me so important when I am looking for area rugs in Indianapolis IN.



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