Interior Design Tips

Decor is a form of art. It is a way of expressing yourself and being able to use your own creativity and style to design something unique and beautiful. You can decorate almost anything, from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, yards, swimming pools, classrooms, work offices, to restaurants. The list goes on and the possibilities are endless.

I really enjoy decorating. Recently, my family and I had to decide how we wanted to design our family swimming pool. It’s a long lap swimming pool with a long bench and a hot tub at the end. We all agreed that we wanted to dress our pool with a darker shade of blue compared to the lighter blues. The most difficult part was picking the tiles to create the water line to wrap around the pool, dress the bench and the walls of the hot tub. It was so difficult because there were so many beautiful designs, colors, and patterns. We were very careful with what we selected to design the pool.


We ended up selecting a tile called Light Waves Blue which is very reflective and offers different looks when viewing, depending on the angle and the lighting. We wanted our pool to have a classic and elegant look and blend well with our home.  I believe that designing this pool really mattered because building a swimming pool is pretty permanent and it meant a lot to our family because we are all swimmers and we were all able to contribute our thoughts and ideas as a team.


In our society, we like to decorate for seasons, holidays, and special occasions. I think that this lifts our spirits and promotes opportunities for people to decorate things together, such as Christmas trees, carving pumpkins, or frosting a cake. It allows you to unwind and take a break from school or work. Today, people love to decorate and design so much, that there have been designing apps created to download on smart electronic devices. I personally have downloaded apps like these and have really enjoyed decorating the interior of homes and rooms based on different locations, I enjoy it so much that I lose track of time.


It feels so real and I feel like a professional designer after my creations are done. Ultimately, I think that if we didn’t have the ability to design, our surroundings would be very dull and boring. The way our surroundings look affects our mood, and decor makes people happy. Decorating is very fun and gives people something to look forward to.